New Online Parish Directory!

We now have a new tool at the rectory office that allows parishioners to log in and view and edit their personal information, including giving history.  You will be able to get your end of the year tax statement electronically.  All information is private and can only be viewed by you and the Rectory Staff.

An added feature is our online directory, which is like our old parish directory except that it is constantly being updated, and you can access it from your smartphone. This makes it easy for us to contact each other for parish and social activities.  Traditionally directory information includes a family photo, address, phone number and email address. You decide how much you want to share in the directory. This online directory can only be viewed by members of St Francis Xavier church.

To gain access to our new online parish directory, and to view and edit your family information, simply sign into “My Own Church” by clicking below.  Within a few days someone in the office will assign you a temporary password and you will have access.


My Own Church